Maximus Idiomas is a sister program of Colegio Maximus , which has been serving the educational needs of  Fortaleza Brazil for almost 50 years. Maximus Idiomas was created due to an increasing demand for good and affordable English Courses that would be of value to a wider range of people who need to learn English or improve upon existing skills. Our research into language acquisition has demonstrated to us that there is not one method that is  suitable for everyone. For this reason our approach to teaching English incorporates the three most popular and effective trends in teaching English today – the Direct Approach, Communicative Language Learning, and  Task Based Learning. Each of these approaches  focuses on a different aspect of learning so that the needs of a wider variety of people can be met. Because we are aware that some people have more specific needs during their language study, we offer a wide selection of classes that are tailored to fit the specific needs of individuals who are seeking to make the ´language of the world´a part of their lives.  Join us today so that you will understand why people are talking so much about Maximus Idiomas!



To contribute to the growth and expansion of Fortaleza, CE and Brazi by serving as a gateway to the world through language aquisition.



1. Understanding that today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

2. Being committed to a lifetime of learning.

3. Being multilingual is but one of many successes.